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First man to undergo penile transplant impregnates girlfriend


The first man to undergo a penile transplantation will soon be a father. A surgeon who operated the South African has confirmed that he has got his girlfriend pregnant. The woman is reportedly four months’ pregnant and this proves that the transplant has worked.

The 21 year old man, who has chose to not disclose his name, lost his penis due to a failed circumcision.

He underwent the transplantation last December. A team of surgeons at the Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital attached a donated organ to his body during a nine-hour long operation.

Penile Transplant


Dr. Van der Merwe, a surgeon who performed the successful penile transplant, expressed his happiness after hearing that the girlfriend of the first ever recipient of such a transplant has become pregnant. He said that there’s no need of making the man undergo a paternity test as he and his team don’t have any reason to disbelieve the couple.

Dr. Van der Merwe added that the operation was performed to give the man enough strength to, urinate and have sexual intercourse; according to him, getting his girlfriend pregnant is a milestone for the 21-year-old.

Doctors and the team of surgeons conducting the operation never thought that the man is infertile; this is because the problem was with his penis and not his testicles.

Dr. Van der Merwe informed that the team of surgeons will keep on reviewing the success of the surgery and carry out more such transplants based on the results of those reviews.

The failed circumcision left the South African man with a penis that was just 1 cm long. At that time, he was an 18 year old boy and was sexually active.


Some of the techniques surgeons used to attach the donated penis were originally developed for performing face transplants. Those techniques were needed for connecting nerves and tiny blood vessels.

This is not the first time surgeons have attempted penile transplant. There have been many such attempts, but none of them could deliver desired results. For instance, a penile transplant in China failed when the penis was rejected by the patient’s body even after the operation was completed successfully.

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