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Elon wants to save MANKIND, launches Tesla Powerwall batteries for home


Tesla has been serious about getting into the renewable energy space, and they’ve been doing pretty well when it comes to actually delivering products that can impact the day-to-day markets. They’ve put together a few somewhat affordable vehicles, at least in terms of hybrid cars, and now they’re pushing hard into the solar space. Solar energy has played a major role in the direction that companies like Tesla have gone. Now though, Tesla has made a bold move, that is likely going to be done several more times by competing companies.

Tesla has introduced a standalone battery that aims to become the AA battery of solar power. Essentially, that’s to say that it will be as common as the AA battery in households and businesses that utilize solar power. The unit will sit on the wall and will be approximately the same size as a television set and will be mountable to the wall. It will be decoratively designed as well, to accommodate most homes.

These smaller batteries are great for a number of reasons though. The biggest reason why the direction Tesla is going works is because it fixes a problem that has largely been seen with solar power and working with large converters – since that’s what’s required to make solar power work. Each solar panel in this case will be built with a converter inside of it. This will ultimately make it so that if one particular converter or panel fails, the entire system won’t go offline. That’s a huge boost because one of the big reasons why solar power hasn’t gained as much popularity as it could have when it was first brought into the market was due to the fact that the reliability of traditional energy sources is so good.


Granted, traditional energy sources fail – but it also isn’t your own responsibility to fix it – should that system fail. Typically, there are large companies who are willing to do the work for you. That being said, in this type of situation with solar power – you’re self-reliant, and that means worrying about the labor in fixing components, as well. This fixes that problem, making the house maintain its energy throughout an outage of any kind. The goal is to make lithium-ion batteries the most common battery type on the market. However, that doesn’t mean new battery types won’t appear as those become more common – especially as Tesla has made it such a priority to deliver this on a large scale.

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