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Drivers dangerous overtake costs $10000 Caravan destroyed in seconds


The video on this page contains a dramatic footage of a caravan accident. The dashcam footage shows how a caravan got smashed into pieces after hitting a lamppost. The event took place when the driver tried to overtake a lorry, but ended up losing control of the caravan.

The caravan driver made several attempts of leaving Nick Townley, the HGV diver, behind. However, in spite of those attempts he was miles behind Townley. In his final attempt to go past the truck, the caravan driver lost control of the vehicle. The caravan was running at a speed of 50 mph when the driver lost his control over it.

At first, the vehicle swerved right in front of Townley’s truck and then it whiplashed into a nearby lamppost. The entire event took place at great pace; as a result, the driver couldn’t do anything to stop the collision. The collision with the lamppost smashed the caravan into smithereens; and all the contents of the vehicle spilled across the road.



The collision resulted in crashing of the car on the other side of the road. It must be said that the car driver was lucky to have survived as he narrowly missed the busy traffic of Somerset. The car surely had the left-over part of the accompanying £10,000 caravan with it; but, it can be confidently said that it will not be suitable for use before it undergoes some serious repair works.

The 49 year old trucker Nick Townley was accelerating his 22 ton truck to a speed of around 30 mph when the accident took place. However, still he managed to hit the brakes and stop the HGV within just 20 yards of the caravan.

That, however, was not the most amazing thing that Townley did; he also captured this stunning act of demolition on a dashcam. He managed to do that perfectly even when in charge of the truck’s steering wheel.


Yet, when asked to share his experience, Townley said that he was really shaken by the event and informed that he found it extremely difficult to sleep that night. After the accident, the road was kept closed for quite some time. Police required the time for clearing the mess up and questioning the driver.

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