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Dad gets tattoed to support six year old daughter with hearing implant


Alistair Campbell of New Zealand has paid tribute to his six-year-old daughter, who had to undergo hearing aid implants after being diagnosed with profound deafness, in a unique, but the extremely touching way. He has got an image of a hearing aid tattooed on his head.

Mr. Campbell decided to get the tattoo done for making little Charlotte understand that she has her dad’s support.

Charlotte, as mentioned above, has profound hearing loss. She underwent the first cochlear implant when she was just four years old; the first implant was done on the left side of Charlotte’s head. She was scheduled to undergo another implant this week when her father decided to have the image of a hearing aid inked on his head.

An image of Mr. Campbell sitting with his daughter beside him has recently gone viral on the Internet. Both Mr. Campbell’s tattoo and Charlotte’s implant are clearly visible in the image and that’s the reason why so many people around the globe are viewing it.


When asked what made him do such a unique thing, Mr. Campbell said that he has taken the decision completely “out of love” for his six year old daughter. He added that by getting the tattoo done he wanted to show her that he too is ready to experience a bit of pain to support her.

Mr. Campbell informed that this is the first time ever that he has got a tattoo done and now he will be growing his hair back for covering this special tattoo. However, he didn’t forget to mention that he may shave his hair again for special occasions and of course if Charlotte wants to have a look at the tattoo or starts worrying about fitting in.


Charlotte, according to Mr. Campbell, has liked the tattoo and said that it’s “cool”. However, her mother Anita feels that the entire thing hasn’t yet sunk. She feels that the tattoo will be appreciated even more by her daughter when she will grow up.

Mrs. Campbell informed that hearing loss is a problem that runs in their family. She said that her mother i.e. Charlotte’s maternal grandmother used to wear a hearing implant. Also, Charlotte’s eight-year-old brother Lewis has also worn hearing devices.

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