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Coca Cola after one hour effect infographics gone viral


Since a long time, we know that Coca-Cola or any other aerated drink is not the healthiest beverage we consume. However, we keep on having the drink ignoring nutrition for taste and satisfaction. So, no one feels surprised when someone creates an infographic demonstrating how Coca Cola affects our body after an hour of drinking it and highlighting how the drink exposes our body to high levels of caffeine and sugar.

The Renegade Pharmacist is the creator of the said infographic. The website has created it based on an article from Blistree.com.

The infographic shows that within the initial ten minutes of consuming the aerated beverage, our system gets exposed to as many as ten teaspoons of sugar. Usually, ten teaspoons of sugar is 100% of the recommended daily intake for a healthy individual.

There’s a rise in our blood sugar level after 20 minutes of having the drink. This in turn triggers an insulin burst. After 45 minutes of drinking the beverage, our system experiences an increase in dopamine production. High level of dopamine stimulates our brain’s pleasure centers, almost in the same manner as heroin.



The infographic has already gone viral on the web and a large section of people seeing it has already started to panic over the ill effects of the drink.

Niraj Naik, the creator of this infographic, when speaking to the media, said that he has carried out thorough research on this subject and has come to the conclusion that the majority of the health issues are caused by sugar and fizzy drinks.

According to Naik, sugar is one of the primary factors responsible for causing heart disease. He believes sugar plays a more vital role in causing heart disease than high cholesterol and saturated fat.


Coca-Cola, as expected, has refuted all these claims. A spokesperson of the company said that people around the globe has been enjoying drinking Cocoa Cola for almost 130 years. The spokesperson added that like all other soft drinks, Cocoa Cola is also absolutely safe and can be part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

The company representative didn’t forget to remind that the market currently has a range of colas. They are prepared keeping in mind the needs of different consumers. These include sugar-free, caffeine-free and low sugar options.

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