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Chipotle making changes, introduces Apple Watch app


Chipotle wants to reach more customers. Then again, what business doesn’t want to reach more customers? In the case of the healthy-and-viral restaurant chain, which specializes in organic food that is made quick, introducing an Apple Watch app wasn’t the only major item on their to do list. The company recently announced a new Apple Watch app, as well as the fact that they would be working with PostMates to deliver orders. PostMates is a startup out of the San Francisco area that will be making deliveries possible.

It’s working, too. In regions where the deliveries have already begun, Chipotle pointed out that they have seen as much as a 30% increase in orders online. Chipotle has been killing it over the course of the last several years – but last year alone the company grossed more than $4 billion in revenue. This year alone already, the company has brought in more than $1 billion.


While the prospect of delivery is exciting for those who live in the right markets – it will likely be some time before the smaller markets get this type of treatment. However, it’s worth pointing out that the company did introduce a killer Apple Watch app that has a burrito button, and will give you a countdown to when your order will be ready.



The Apple Watch app really reveals just how interactive companies like Chipotle want to be, to really engage their users and work toward the younger demographic. After all, they are a major portion of the company’s business, and they understand that. It’s important for them to load useful features like creating favorite orders, incorporating delivery options, and even showing things like a countdown to when your food will be ready, into the app – if they want to continue growing outward.

At this point though, given the state of fast food – Chipotle will have no problem building their burrito business outward and upward as time goes on.

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