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Bangladesh Terror Attack: 20 killed at Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka


On Saturday, Bangladeshi troops rescued 13 hostages and brought an end to 11-hour standoff at a cafe in Dhaka.

In the process, they also shot down six gunmen, and one of the terrorists has been captured alive.

The gunmen shot down 20 hostages at the famous restaurant in Dhaka’s diplomatic quarter.

All the 20 victims that were killed in the attack were foreigners. Even though no precise official data has been provided on the identity of the dead bodies but unofficial reports say that seven were from Japan and Italy, one from India and the rest from South Korea.


Brig Gen Nayeem Ashfaq Chowdhury led down the troops to save the life of the people who were detained by the terrorist.

The troops exchanged gunfire with the attackers for several hours before entering the building on Saturday morning. In this process, two army officials lost their life, and many were injured.

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According to the branch media, Amaq, terrorist group ISIS has taken responsibility for the savage attack. Today morning the Islamic state posted photographs of all the 20 foreigners that were killed in the terror attack.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took to television to announce that the rescue operation has come to an end in Dhaka. She also said that she would do everything in her power to remove terrorism from her country.

Before this attack a Hindu priest was beaten to death in a temple in Dhaka. The religion intolerance has been growing quite fast in the Muslim-dominated nation.

The administration needs to take strong action to get to the root of the problem because for last some time they have refused to believe that ISIS may have entered the Bangladesh region.

Even Al Qaeda have claimed responsibility for the latest attack. Now we will have to wait to know what actions the government will be taking on the issue that may become the major factor in stopping the growth of the economy.

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