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BAFTA 2016: Red Carpet Photos and Winners List


The epic 2015 American adventure western film “Revenant” won the best film award at the Annual BAFTA and increased its stakes to strike rich at the Oscars scheduled to take place on February 28, 2016.

At the BAFTA on Sunday adventure scored over romance and the “Revenant” won the best film award over Todd Haynes’ 1950s all-female romance “Carol”.

Other favorites which were cold-shouldered were Steven Spielberg’s film Bridge of Spies of the bygone Cold War era so was Tom McCarthy’s drama Spotlight based on the high paced media world.

Bafta red carpet


Revenant bagged five awards at the BAFTA, which includes awards for best cinematography and sound.  George Miller’s visually striking post-apocalyptic thriller Mad Max:

Fury Road won four awards in the technical category. Brie Larson won the best actress for the portrayal of a kidnapped mother and her child in the Film Room. Check the complete image gallery here.

Katte Winslet won the best-supporting actress for her portrayal as a loyal assistant in a biopic of late Steve Jobs.

There were some dissenting voices also at this year’s BAFTA awards. A group is protesting and calling for a quota system in the nominations handed out leaflets calling the television industry ‘male, pale and stale.’ They were protesting over the lack of non-white ethnicities among the Oscar nominations.

Bafta awards

Diversity or the lack of it was predominant in this year’s awards, a fact endorsed by the chair of BAFTA Anne Morrison who acknowledged it in her opening speech saying that there is a problem.

Welcoming the debate on the issue, she added that Diversity is high on the agenda now.

The issue was also mentioned b y British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen made a reference to the debate as he stood on stage introducing the best actress prize.

He even called the nomination of the best actress as ‘Best …The white actress is’ before being interrupted by host Stephen Fry.

Watch Bafta Awards 2016 video:

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