Apple Watch on sale at Target and Best Buy

Apple Watch is now going on sale at the Target and Best Buy online stores. Finally, you can use those promotional codes and discount offers against the Cupertino giant’s first wearable and make it yours at a price less than that of a store. Holiday season is zooming in fast, and it is probably the best gift you can give.

Both the online stores were in the news a few month sago for getting the Apple Watch on their product listing, and it has happened. Apple is slowly closing on the stocks of the Apple Watch, and might be preparing for the Apple Watch 2 to release next year in the month of March or April 2016.

As far as we know, there aren’t any difference in the pricing, but the easy to get discount offers from Target and Best Buy are going to make the purchase even better. A lot who were interested in buying this gadget have already made the purchase, and what left is the customers that might be looking forward to¬†gifting it to someone close.

Target and Best Buy stores are apparently going to bring in more sales for Apple, or at least they will be offering balance sheet maintained by the selling of swappable straps. Click Order and Done.

Apple Watch now even offers Rose Gold and Gold sports edition, so that customers get the premium look without pouring out the entire bank account at the Apple Store’s point-of-sale terminals.

Coming down to the another point where Apple is expected to introduce yet another Watch in the year 2016. There have been no rumors about the Apple Watch 2, but apparently, it is going to land sometime in the second quarter of the year 2016. If we consider the current rumors, Apple Watch 2 is expected to look exactly the same as current generation but will be slimmer and more powerful than the existing one.

Rumors state that the Apple is going to add all other features that were mentioned during the unveiling keynote, but were missed during the launch. It is now a safe bet to assume that next Apple Watch is going to be an¬†independent device without much of reliance on the companion iPhone. It is clear that Apple’s future endeavors are about making the wearable go untethered, and WatchOS is just the example of that.

For every task you do, the Watch is reliable on the companion iPhone for performing operations.