Apple new patent blocks iPhones from taking videos at concerts

On Wednesday, Apple won the approval from US Patent and Trademark Office to enable a feature which will block people from taking videos and photos at the live event. The new technology will use the infrared data to disable the device recording system.

In 2009, the company applied for a patent, even though there has been no news from when Apple will start installing this feature on the phone and tabs.

But the main aim of this latest technology is to improve copyright infringement. In addition to this, it promises to give a better live concert going experience.

The Silicon Valley company will install features in its high-tech phone that will receive the data from the infrared signal to switch off tab and phone video recording during live concerts. When it comes to taking a photo, the upcoming technology will turn off the phone or tabs when they try to take pictures of the star.

Even though it remains to be seen is how Apple will bring on this blocking patent without not provoking the Apple users. It apparently looks like some young users may not take this in the right way because when they are at live concerts, they like to post snippets of the show regularly.

The tech giant will also have to take into consideration that once the features get enabled new techniques would be there to block the Apple blocking system. So they will need to pay heed to this as well.

But this news will come as a positive note for all the artist who regularly complain about mobile usage in live-concerts. Top artist like Adele, Zooey Deschanel, etc. has always shown their displeasure on phone usage during their concerts. So Apple latest technology will come as a sign of relief for them.

Also personally speaking I feel it would be good because those 30 seconds of snippets of live-concerts does not make any sense for the fans also without all the distraction one would be able to enjoy the concerts more.

But what remains to be seen in the near future is if Apple will upgrade this technology for Art galleries, movie theaters, etc.


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