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Apple iPhone 6 sapphire screen not indestructible, focusing on Health-related apps


Apple has been a hot topic of discussion these days. The company scrupulously made headlines with the various rumored features that is said to create its highly anticipated iPhone 6 more dominant than the rest of its predecessors and rivals.

Several features of the said smartphone had made trapped its users in the iPhone frenzy. However, this time Apple’s taking it up a notch by not only making the iPhone larger than its predecessors, but by using sapphire crystal for the display cover.

This particular feature has been making noise on Youtube, social media and other sites. The alleged 4.7-inch iPhone 6 sapphire crystal screen was put to the test in the hands of Marques Brownlee of MKHBD.


Marquez posted a video on Youtube which showed how the said panel underwent and withstood several scratch tests using a knife and keys. Consequently, the screen also passed a bending test which made experts believe that Apple may have indeed used sapphire, the second hardest naturally occurring mineral for iPhone 6.

However, in a latest MKHBD video, it was discovered that the smartphone’s screen display may not be indestructible and scratch-resistant after all. In the said video, Brownlee took the test to a more serious level by using two different kinds of sandpaper.

Marques emphasized the Mohr scale of mineral hardness, which is a scale rating mineral hardness from 1 to 10, in which 1 is indicated as the softest as to 10 is the hardest.

For the test, Brownlee used Emery sandpaper, rated slightly above 8, and Garnet sandpaper which is rated at 7. He also tested the iPhone 5s screen, known to be made of Gorilla glass, with a 6.8 rating, and its Touch ID home button made of sapphire crystal, rated 9.

The two sandpapers managed to scratch both screens of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6. However, the alleged sapphire crystal panel did show better resistance than the Gorilla glass. Surprisingly, the acclaimed sapphire Touch ID home button of iPhone 5s survived the test without any marks. Marques wrapped up the results by concluding that the alleged panel of iPhone 6 is absolutely not pure sapphire crystal, but still is harder and more durable than the Gorilla glass.

On the other hand, it has been reported by ValueWalk that Apple aims to focus on health-related for its features for iPhone 6 and its iOS 8 operating system. Flurry (Analytics firm) reportedly stated that health and fitness apps have been immense on Apple’s app store with 6,800 of the apps under the latter category. It is said the company has taken into account the $49 billion revenue of the global industry.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be launched a few weeks later its expected announcement in September.

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