Apple Inc. latest patent is on instant sharing of newly clicked photos

A new patent filed by Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) in February has come to surface regarding the facial recognization of images. The filing has been given a title of Systems and methods for sending the digital image. Apple Inc is aiming at a new type of technology that would help iPhone users automatically send the pictures to the people in the photo with the assistance of this patent.

Apparently, Apple is trying to the Facebook a tough competition with this newly introduced patent, or may be looking at a future case on the social networking giant for infringing Cupertino’s giant patent right or maybe vice-versa. We will be able to make a good view on this only when products based on this patent are in action.

Almost two months ago, Facebook introduced this new facial recognition app called as Moments for the users to share the newly clicked images to the contacts stored on their smartphone or the Facebook.

Coming back to the Apple’s patent, it works in a way that whenever a group photo is taken, the smartphone will automatically pop-up a window to select the contacts in the image to share it quickly with the friends over the Messages, email or any other messaging platform.

It sounds like a good idea, as it will save the amount of time a person requires to individually sent each of one a photograph. With this new patent, it is going to be fair comfortable.

Apart from this, people in the photograph would also be notified that there is an image of theirs in the cloud and is available for the download. Users will get a notification for that. However, the big question now is when this feature is going to land in the devices, I must say not anytime soon. It would be hard for Apple to test and produce it for the users in few months.

Talking about another dimension of the Apple ecosystem, we are hardly a month from Apple to introduce the next generation Apple iPhone 6S at a special event. People can see that coming to the stores in about a week or two.

There have been a lot of speculations on it such as the new iPhone is now going to include a Force Touch display, improved sensors and processors under the hood.


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