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Amazon gift to Prime subscribers is unlimited photo storage with no cost


Amazon Prime is expanding once again. But, instead of offering up more space or an additional service – Amazon is offering something much more specific to their customers this holiday season.

Subscribers of the Amazon Prime service that has been gaining more traction since the service launched added unlimited photo storage to their portfolio of benefits. Now, users that are subscribed to Amazon Prime will have the opportunity to store as many photos as they would like, in their cloud service, and have no cost associated with it.


Amazon is ensuring that subscribers will be able to save photos in their original format and resolution, from devices on a multitude of operating systems. Every system from Android, to iOS, to Fire devices. Amazon will even be including Mac and Windows PC’s in the mix, completing the gauntlet across devices.


However, users will not be limited to viewing those images on strictly those devices. Like any cloud service, subscribers will have the opportunity to view those photos on compatible operating systems, but also on select televisions and gaming consoles. The application will be available for download in the App Store, as well as the Play Store, and will be called “Cloud Drive Photos.”

Previously, the app and storage ability existed for photos, but there was a limit to how much storage would be available to each individual customers. Now, that the storage has been boosted though, many have begun questioning how that would impact pricing of Amazon Prime.

Amazon reassured customers though that this addition would not impact the bottom line cost of Amazon Prime. They said that it would remain at $99 for a year and that they would have no plans in the future of raising, or changing the pricing.

That though shouldn’t entirely be a surprise since the mobile, and cloud computing space has been taking on a life of its own over the last several months. Most recently, Microsoft and Dropbox announced that they would be working together to bring select content over and make content reachable from both devices, and Microsoft has been working generally to increase the marketability of OneDrive, as well as Office 365 their monthly subscription based Office programs.

Right now, only paying subscribers will gain the additional space to save their photos but that is similar to the approach Microsoft took when making a deal with Dropbox, as well, rewarding current subscribers – as well as individuals who subscribed in the future.

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