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Amazon debuts new software update for its beloved Kindle users


Amazon has just recently released a new software update for Kindles, which will soon get its place in Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paper white. The new features are such that fulfill various purposes and solves the little troubles that people encounter not in Kindle but while using Kindle, by which I mean that people wish in their hearts that Kindle had this and that.

The new software features are listed below in capricious order:

Word Wise is a featured specifically geared toward people learning English and for children learning to read. Word Wise makes reading books filled with tense vocabulary and intricate prose easier; it displays the meanings of vocabulary words above the words preventing the need for people to look up words in a dictionary. The meanings are displayed by just a tap on a particular word on the screen, and the number of meanings of words that have various meanings according to contexts can also be adjusted.



Family Library allows Kindle users the access to not only their own books but also to those of their spouse or other family members.

The Expanded X-Ray for Books feature makes reading an adventurous exploration; it lets people flip through images in the book at a relatively swift pace, and the new timeline view allows people to read through the most interesting passages in a particular book.

Deeper Goodreads Integration allows users to share their reading progress with their friends, add new books on Kindle to their Goodreads virtual shelves and see their friends’ progress, and ratings and reviews on books when browsing them on Kindle.

Enhanced Search, as the name suggests, makes browsing easier by amalgamating results from user’s Library, Goodreads and Kindle Store. About This Book displays information about the book, such as its number in a series and author information, and lets people mark a book as “Currently Reading” on Goodreads.

As previously mentioned, the new software update fulfills the desires that people wish in their hearts, and if some desires are left unfulfilled, I am sure Amazon will fulfill them in no time.

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