Kalamazoo Shooting Spree: 6 Dead In 3 Different Incidents

Kalamazoo Shooting

Prosecutor of Kalamazoo County, Jeff Getting expects that charges to be brought about on Monday, against Jason Brian Dalton, who allegedly shot eight people, 6 of them fatally in 3 different incidents on Saturday evening.

Getting stated that among those shot was a 14-year-old girl at Cracker Barrel restaurant who was ‘gravely injured’. Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas feels that the all these three shooting incidents happen to be related to each other.

It seems as if someone just drove around, found people and shot them dead in the tracks. He added that randomly killing people while driving around is the worst nightmare one can ever have.

Jeff Hadley, the Public Safety Chief stated that police has a very ‘strong suspect’ in their custody. This 45-year-old suspect was arrested early Sunday morning without incident. Matyas added that now the threat to the public has ended, and since this suspect is in custody, there is no need of worrying.

A weapon was recovered from the car of the suspect, although the Police haven’t identified the possible motive for shootings.

A brief about three shootings

The 1st shooting took place around 6 P.M; wherein a woman was shot four times in the parking lot of her complex. She was with her three children and now is in a very critical condition.

After 10 PM, two people were shot and killed at some car dealership, and Hadley believes the victims were looking for a vehicle.

Kelly Bainbridge was at Bell’s Brewery with her friends and fiancé when she started getting calls and texts about the gunman from her family members.

As the occurrence of shootings continued, the situation became all the more frightening, says Bainbridge, who was just 4 miles away from the dealership.

Less than eight miles away, an occurrence of the 3rd shooting was seen outside Cracker Barrel restaurant and five people including a 14-year-old, in 2 separate cars were shot and killed.

Hadley stated that this is a very tragic event when a community loses six people in random and senseless acts of violence.


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