Video: NASA unveils Saturn moon’s magic island


NASA: March 5, 2016: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting planet Saturn for the past few months. The spacecraft in this time span has conducted several flyby’s on the plant and in its moon.

The recent image sent by Cassini is something mindblowing in nature. Cassini has sent the evolutionary picture of a short feature in the large hydrocarbon sea named Ligeia Mare, which is present on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Researchers claim that these characteristics are known as the magic island, and this phenomenon is known for changes and transitions over time.

According to experts in NASA, the brightening in the image is due to either wave, solids at or beneath the surface or bubbles.


Experts believe that waves are the most likely explanation for this phenomenon. They are of the opinion that tides, sea level and sea floor changes have nothing do with the brightening.

NASA added that the Cassini team have plans to re-observe this particular region of Ligeia Mare yet another time on April 2017 when Cassini will conduct another close flyby of Titan.

Watch video:

Scientists are now awaiting the results from the next images for getting a more definite idea about this phenomenon. Ligeia is Titan’s second-largest liquid hydrocarbon sea, and is known among experts as ‘magical island’.

Ligeia has a total area of about 50000 square miles. You should understand that Ligeia is 50 percent bigger than Lake Superior, which is there on our Earth.

Images from Ligeia has created a WOW feel among experts, and they believe that more understanding about the planet will be assailable by the end of Cassini mission. Everybody are now waiting for April 2017, as Cassini will conduct another nose dive to the surface of Titan during that period.

Space buffs and experts are now eager to know more about this magical phenomenon, and everyone hope that things will get a clear picture soon.

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