Home Science 40-feet Blue Whale rescued at Dapoli coast in Ratnagiri

40-feet Blue Whale rescued at Dapoli coast in Ratnagiri

Dapoli coast whale

After a nine-hour operation, a 40-year-old blue whale which was washed ashore in the Indian State of Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri was released in the Arabian Sea. According to wildlife officials, this rescue mission is undoubtedly the biggest one ever conducted in the state, that too which involves the world’s largest animal.

The 40-foot-long blue whale was found stranded in the three-feet shallow waters, and finally, it was rescued by a combined operation which involved locals and marine experts.

Members of the Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit, a German organisation researching marine life in Ratnagiri were also participating in the mission.

“The whale had no injuries, but it felt difficulties in breathing. After a thorough examination, we learned that the whale had stomach infection too.


“Five injections were given to the whale to combat this disease before it was towed back to deep waters”, said Abhinay Kelaskar, project associate of Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit.

N Vasudevan, Chief Conservator of Forests told that the whale was tied to two boats and taken to three km into the sea. This incident happened just a few days after an equally big Bryde’s whale washed ashore at the Juhu beach in Mumbai.

The increase in the frequency of these events has raised eyebrows among environmentalists and nature lovers, and they claim that these happenings are alarming in view.

It should be noted that 45 whales were washed ashore on a beach in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district. In another incident, officials managed to save the lives of 36 short-finned pilot whales by towing them back to the sea.

“This is a matter of crucial concern, which these whales are getting washed ashore in this quick frequency. Immediate study and thorough researches should be conducted to find out the reason behind this phenomenon”, added N Vasudevan.

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