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Nasa’s astronauts at ISS partying on Thanksgiving Day with turkey, mushrooms and yams


The International Space Station crew did something that brought a little bit of home back to their space station this week. The crew, led by NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore, the commander of the Expedition 42, took the time to send a special message back to those on Earth – while they would not be able to make it this holiday to be with their families.

The commander, while holding a microphone, and floating in mid-air noted that the first thing he, and his family do on Thanksgiving each year is think about those first settlers here in America who “endured some rough times crossing the ocean and getting started in an unknown land.” He briefly went on to thank the US Military for their dedication, and their working through the holiday.


The space program here in the United States has been under intense criticism since October when two accidents in the same way marred the efforts that were being made to really push the envelope. He went on to show the camera some of the things that the team would be eating this Thanksgiving. As turkey, dressing, potatoes, and much more floated across the screen – all in freeze-dried form – the onlookers got a new reason to be thankful for their traditional Thanksgiving meal.



Those who work in space, and those who work in environments like that are often left to eat the freeze-dried forms of food that otherwise are not thought of in the same sense. There is a certain level of appreciation for real turkey, and real potatoes, after eating, or even seeing the menu that the ISS team would be enjoying this Thanksgiving.


The video is just a reminder that the individual who are aboard the International Space Station are human too, and provide some context to the tireless job that they do, each day when they wake up and choose to do the very intensive job that they perform. They do it out of love and appreciation for the science behind it. While accidents have happened, this is a reminder that a lot of good is happening in the space community as well.

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  1. Maybe that third layer of protection is synthetic. Perhaps, aliens installed this live enabling “shield” for us to live long and prosper and maybe even the djinn reside in that milieu.

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