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iRobot gets FCC approval for Robotic Lawn Mower, Roomba gets sibling


Right after they started gaining the massive sales with the robotic vacuum cleaners, Roomba maker iRobot has now moved forward to manufacture a robotic lawn mower, so that you don’t have to do it. As per the waiver filed with the FCC, Roomba has received permissions to use a frequency that is required by the robot to automatically mown the lawn.

FCC documents stated that they had granted the requests made by iRobot Corporation to waive on the section 15.250(C) and has given the Robotic Lawn Mower a permission to operate in a frequency range of 6240-6740 Mhz. FCC states the Commission allows the usage of devices with low power radio frequencies without an individual licensing. These low powered devices are considered ineffective in creating interference with other radio operated objects.

This yet to be arrived lawn mower can mow your lawn even when you are not at home, and can also make a significant cut in the noise and air pollution caused by the gas-powered lawn mowers.



So far the design is considered, it is expected to have a large container for storing the grass, and sensors both on the front side and under the robot’s body. It is pretty apparent that the robot is going to be operated with a rechargeable battery, but since it runs in an open environment, iRobot might consider installing a solar panel on it. It is less likely for the iRobot to design this new RLM with the same as Roomba. There have been no designs samples from the company yet, but we can expect it to arrive in the stores anytime in the fourth quarter of this year – the best gift for the holiday season.

Just like Roomba it will have wheels to navigate and sensors to compute where to move and mow the lawn. We really hope that this device would be as efficient as the Roomba.

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