India Today slams Adhyayan but supports Kangana Ranaut: Where is our equality now?

When a woman (Kangana Ranaut) comes out, exposing her partner of domestic abuse and violence, we applaud her for her bravery.

Heck sometimes, we even throw innocent men and their mothers in jail, in many false dowry cases and women don’t get any punishment for lying in front of the court and seeking revenge with her husband’s family.

But this latest revelations by Adhyayan and his family members, have brought forward, a new divide i.e. between a man and a woman. And journalists like India Today have proved the same.

When a woman called a co-actor as a silly ex, we all laughed and speculated. The moment that actor retaliated by saying he would rather date a pope than that actress, hell came crashing down and immediately everybody started bashing that actor.

And now when the emails of the National Award winner actress have been leaked, where she called other women as ‘public property’ and used insane amount of abuses towards the actor, the society sided with her yet again.

Kangana Ranaut dating Hrithik Roshan

Although, her emails clearly show and prove that she was hallucinating all this while and she herself had admitted to be suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. And yet she wins all the support.

Does being a woman mean that you can demean other women and call them public property, or throw false accusations at the married man?

And has feminism stooped so low that any voice of a man is shut down just because of his genitalia? Feminism, as a movement started for equality of women and has now left to become a long lost cause of trying to prove women as superior to the men!

Feminism, as a movement started for equality of women and has now left to become a long lost cause of trying to prove women as superior to the men!

And after one more man came out in the open, revealing some horrifying details about the time he spent with his ex, yes we are talking about Adhyayan Suman, he was again crushed by the media and these so called feminists.

He told the media, about the hell he went through. How he was abused, both physically and verbally by Kangana, he also told how she took him to some astrologer for black magic, he revealed every part of their relationship.

All he wanted was to share with the world, the torture he endured in his relationship with this actress, and instead of applauding him, we slammed him. In a recent incidence, a journalist degraded Adhyayan and when Adhyayan responded back, some more insults came through. This is the level India Today has fallen to!

Why can’t for once, we hear the voice of the man? Is voice of woman is only important thing? We live in a highly prejudiced society, where a woman boldly says that you can call me a whore, and yet manages to ruin the reputation of a respectable actor.

A woman who never credited her parents for her success, who ran from home at the age of 16, a woman who had relationships with an older actor and god knows who else, just to get work in the industry.

Yet, all her crimes are forgotten and she is still given a leeway, just because she is a woman! Why can’t we give the same leeway to the men? Is there not a slight possibility that what Hrithik and Adhyayan are saying, might be right and Kangana might indeed by facing some psychological issues.

These parade of so called feminists, who are blindly supporting Kangana at the moment, can’t they think once of the women in these two male actors’ life? Don’t their mother and sister feel their pain? What about their rights?

We are living in a society of highly misguided feminism in which we support videos of Deepika Padukon like #MyChoice, which basically say women have the right to cheat. But what about rights of men.

The court will soon decide who among Hrithik and Kangana is right, but such accusations will always leave a mark on the reputation of an innocent actor. And that mark even feminists can’t wipe.

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