If you Drink Alcohol, You Might Suffer From Cancer!

A new study conducted by researchers from University of Houston says that drinking alcohol might enhance the levels of cancer causing gene, thereby leading to increased chances of breast cancer.

Chin-Yo, a researcher states that the research shows how actions of estrogen are responsible for growth of cancer cells and how effects of Tamoxifen, the cancer drug are diminished.  Generally, Tamoxifen blocks estrogen, but if alcohol is consumed, the levels of BRAF, the cancer causing gene are increased.

Not only did the research show how estrogen induced cell proliferation is increased, but also provided a direct link between BRAF, estrogen and alcohol for promoting growth of cancer cells. It was found that sustained expression of BRAF is inappropriately promoted, even in absence of estrogen, thereby bringing about an enhancement in estrogen effects in increasing breast cancer risk. Another finding was that the ability of Tamoxifen for suppressing rapid growth of cancer cells was weakened.

The results stated that if a person is exposed to alcohol, there may be an effect on various cancer related mechanisms and pathways, say the researchers. Not only do the findings highlight the mechanistic actions of alcohol in breast cancer, but also highlight the link between cancer related gene pathways and alcohol.

The main goal is using this information in preventing breast cancer. However, findings have implications on women undergoing hormone replacement therapy for menopausal symptoms.  With this research, the potential long term health effects for college-age women are highlighted as well as those who find themselves in situations where binge drinking or heavy drinking is an essential part of social environment. We hope that with future findings, motivation and information is provided for promoting healthy behavioral choices along with potential targets for chemoprevention strategies for ultimately decreasing the incidents of breast cancer and deaths.

So what is you resolution from now? Drinking alcohol and suffering from cancer or stopping it completely and avoiding the risk? Do share so we know!


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