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GM Recall Information Falsified at Website


General Motors is having a hard year. The company has recalled 29 million vehicles due to ignition switch issues (among others) in the last 8 months alone, but a new report from Bloomberg Businessweek says that vehicle recalls may not be the worst of GM’s problems.

What is? Faulty vehicle recall information on GM’s website.

Since the GM recalls started, consumers have been visiting the GM website to look up information about their vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), however, GM recall information has been falsified, with consumers finding that there is no GM recall information for their vehicle – when in fact, just the opposite is true.

GM representative Greg Martin said that GM is fixing its recall information and that changes are coming to the website: “We are aware of NHTSA’s inquiry on the VIN look-up issue. We are making the necessary changes to our website.”


Starting on August 20, all vehicle manufacturers must provide websites that allow consumers to look up their VINs and recall information.

As for the GM recall info problem, the NHTSA says that the problems have been fixed as of Friday at 5:30PM – which means that consumers should now be free to find the correct information. Depending on GM recall info, you may find that the status of your VIN has changed (or not).

In addition to ignition switch problems, GM vehicles have also been recalled for brake and pedal issues as well as transmission issues. At least 13 people have died over the last year due to defects in GM vehicles that are now the subject of recalls

Has your vehicle model been recalled? Did the GM recall changes affect your VIN status? If you’re an affected party, please feel free to write in and let us know.

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  1. Well, what did you expect from a company that failed on its own then was bought out and run by the awesome efficiency of our government? Their cars suck worse than ever and now the US taxpayers are on the hook for their failures.

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