Home Health Cancer patient Keith Borum marries Nina Scott in hospital bed

Cancer patient Keith Borum marries Nina Scott in hospital bed


Keith Borum, a terminally ill cancer patient, and his partner for three years Nina Scott were declared man and wife in an emotional event at West Islip, New York’s Good Samaritan Hospital. Borum tied the knot with his beloved in his hospital room in an extremely emotional ceremony.

The setting of the marriage was definitely slightly unusual, but when asked the bride said that there’s couldn’t be the perfect place for getting married to Borum, the person she is in love with.

Scott’s groom was also found to be extremely happy. When asked how exactly he was feeling, Borum said that it has been one of the best days of his life.

Borum has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is suffering from the condition for more than a year. He was staging an impressive fight back against this debilitating condition for 18 months. However, physicians treating him recently told that his cancer is terminal.


Once, when speaking to the hospital staff, he revealed that he had the desire to save for buying an engagement ring for his girlfriend, Nina. Nurses at the Good Samaritan Hospital decided to raise money for Nina and Keith’s wedding, and there were some other people who donated for wedding rings, cake and flowers.

According to Nurse Christina Ware, they got items donated by a number of people they knew. She informed that there were donations for rings, invitations, wedding cake and flowers and said that the money for buying rings was raised by the nurses’ group at the hospital.


The wedding rings were purchased by the hospital staff for an amount of $400. The cake and bouquet, on the other hand, was donated by the local community. That’s not all; the hospital staff also planned a reception and purchased treats for that.

All these moving gestures made the big day of Nina and Keith even more special. The nursing staff of the hospital also gathered at Keith’s room for watching the couple saying their vows. Among others present at the wedding venue were the friends and family members of the groom and the bride.

Both the groom and the bride were in protective blue medical gowns. They had to shed the idea of wearing traditional wedding outfits for protecting Keith from getting infected.

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