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California gas prices could exceed $4.50 in months


The California gas situation is getting bleak, as experts believe that the price of a gallon of gas will quickly be passing $4 per gallon. On Friday alone, it was reported that the average price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline in California jumped $0.09. However, prices jumped again on Saturday a whopping $0.13, which sparked even more outrage. The problem is that there is an overwhelming shortage of the California specific gas blend, which suppliers say there is none headed out this week – as of now.

The gas prices aren’t at all consistent, either. The survey found that one station could be running a price of $3.72, but at a station next door, the price could be $4.30. The incredible part of the entire story is that the major problem is California specifically. As the U.S. has cut down its dependence on foreign oil, the same can be said for California. Prices have been dropping, and so has demand. That though has now reached an apex and the problems are now plentiful.

Gas Prices

There is a ton of demand, as California always ranks amongst the most densely populated in the country – and now there isn’t any gas to go along with it. One expert said, “Exports from outside the state in the U.S. and abroad did not have a great incentive to come in, but now they do.” Now that the demand is there though, the prices will skyrocket as the demand will be met with desperation. As with anything in business it’s about a balance between high-demand and low-cost.


Patrick DeHaan a gasoline analyst for Gas Buddy pointed out that, “We have no gasoline as of Monday heading for the California coast.” He went on to point out that, it is a completely “dire situation.” The experts, like DeHaan think that gas prices will continue to climb, and could climb another $0.50 before reaching a peak, and slowly coming back down.


In the meantime, that means incredibly high prices that could even begin approaching the $5.00 mark. While that would be unprecedented for a number of reasons, it is only the latest worry to strike those in California. Heat, record breaking droughts, water shortages, and now incredibly high gas prices – are making California one of the most difficult places to live.

Some experts still maintain though that the problem is largely California’s own doing. They get and sell gas through a really unique process, and it’s one that has come into question for a number of years. This repeated questioning has led to a lot of experts wondering how that process will change after this phase of high gas prices end, and customers reach their tipping point.

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  1. Global oil prices have dropped, global oil markets are over supplied, so the gasoline price should drop. Google and read the “$2.5 Trillion Oil Scam – slideshare”. The US and a large part of the world are victims of this scam.

  2. Just another example of how big corporations put pressure on anyone who tries to make them more responsible. They don’t want to make cleaner-burning gasoline for California, so they don’t. Prices climb, and they hope the pain will force a rollback in regulation. We’re all under their thumb.

    • How much do you know about California’s Clean Air Board? They make arbitrary rules buoyed by a liberal governance that are so extreme it drives out business. Not to mention water and land use restrictions designed to protect species that nobody cares about or has any use for (delta smelt, band-winged grasshopper, etc.). Time to dump the Dems.

      • Why? The liberal agenda fosters government dependency and all of the ‘children’ should simply accept their role and do as they are told!!!

        I left there 16 years ago!

    • Nope, wrong…… this is once again the Liberal-Fascist state of california dictating to business how they will or will not make / sell / deliver products. YOU WILL PROVIDE FOR THE STATE FOR THE AMOUNT OF PROFIT WE SET OR YOU WILL BE PUNISHED. I wish every business with CA restrictions / approvals STOPPED selling their goods to this state.

      • You’ve really drunk the “free market” kool-aid, haven’t you? Let business do what it wants and everything will work out fine? I don’t think so. It’s only due to government that we have clean water, edible food, and clean air.

    • No buddy. This is just another example of how bureaucrats and politicians think that central planning is smarter than the market. You want specially formulated gasoline? You’re gonna have to pay for it. There are a small number of suppliers who are even equipped to produce the gasoline, not just in the U.S., but in the whole world, so when you have problems at one or two refineries like we’re having now, you have quite the problem on your hands shipping it from half way around the globe. While everyone else in the country benefits from lower gas prices, we languish here in California. Not because of some greedy oil man. It’s because of some greedy politician who sold you a line about cleaner air, while we have some of the worst air quality in the country, in spite of all this BS. And we’re talking about a potential complete break in the supply chain here, not just expensive gas. We may have our own little energy crisis in which people will be lined up at the pumps.

      • Bill, I remember L.A. air when I was a kid. You could cut it with a knife. We may have poor air quality compared to many other states, but it’s far better than it was before clear air regulations were put in place. One of the chief culprits is the vast number of cars and trucks on California’s roads. Even with cleaner gasoline, there are so many that they are still one of the major air pollution sources here. The only solution to this is stricter regulation, not less. And we are moving in the right direction with mandates for zero emission vehicles. Greater progress could be made if people would use public transportation more, but as we’ve seen in L.A., it’s expensive to put that in place and difficult to convince people to use it. Still, I don’t believe that anyone has “sold us a line” about cleaner air. It is, in fact, cleaner. Just not clean enough.

  3. Supply and demand has to be met. The end. For instance… I could get nicer housing if I lived in Kansas, but I don’t. I live in an expensive city and have to pay more for housing. The end.

    • Kansas doesn’t want you, and you should be proud that you can afford very expensive housing. Ending driving at age 80 could reduce demand and raising the driving age to 19 could really cut demand.

  4. Yeah yeah yeah. The gas costs more but it’s worth it California’s awesome. They barely need to use a/c or heat over there meanwhile in states with cheap auto fuel, we pay how much to heat and cool our homes? That’s what I thought.

    • So wrong and uneducated. You’re talking about a tiny slice of the state. Most people in the state are baking and Central A/C sales are exploding over the past 10 years.

      • Correct. Under the obamessiah my electric bill has gone up 300%. No joke. PS we get maybe a month, maybe two a YEAR where either the heat or A/C does not run FULL TIME.

  5. It’s the same old BS from the oil companies that gouge us. There’s ‘always’ a reason, normally a refinery fire or a refinery shut down for maintenance. Last month it was ‘California gasoline is being shipped overseas in the greatest amount ever seen!”. This time, it’s a refinery fire and a labor dispute at another. But it’s all manipulation, nothing more.

    We need to:

    1) Cancel our special state formulation so we can order from other states,
    2) Get rid of the asinine ‘ethanol mandate’, which reduces mileage and pollutes our atmosphere worse than gasoline ever did. And
    3) Charge a severance tax (a tax on every gallon pumped from our state soil) like every other state in the union does, and roll back the sales taxes on each gallon to compensate. This way, Nevada would have to bear a fair cost as they pretty much get all their gas from California, but charge no sales tax.

    • IMBECILE……..

      1) Cancel our special state formulation so we can order from other states,

      2) Get rid of the asinine ‘ethanol mandate’, which reduces mileage and pollutes our atmosphere worse than gasoline ever did.


      • If you’d read the whole post, you’d have read this:

        “It’s the same old BS from the oil companies that gouge us. There’s
        ‘always’ a reason, normally a refinery fire or a refinery shut down for
        maintenance. Last month it was ‘California gasoline is being shipped
        overseas in the greatest amount ever seen!”. This time, it’s a refinery
        fire and a labor dispute at another. But it’s all manipulation, nothing

        The 3 suggestions are means of getting California out from under the thumb of the oil companies.

    • Last month it was ‘California gasoline is being shipped overseas in the greatest amount ever seen!”


    • Isn’t it funny that this “special” formulation of gasoline in California is supposed to be to improve air quality, yet we consistently have some of the worst air polluted cities in the country? The politicians in Sacramento and CARB have really fudged us this time. As bad as the effects of Enron were on California energy, this is as bad or worse. People will have their collective head on a spit if they don’t fix this, like now.

      • If you look at a a map of pollution nationwide, you’ll find that it’s centered in industrial areas, and areas of high population, with little mass transit. California fits that description perfectly. To compound the problem, we have a mountain range that blocks winds from blowing our smog etc away. In other words, it just builds here.

        I remember griping about having to put the 1st smog device on my car. it was called the Green Genie. At the time, I had to spend 3 weeks in Pasadena. The sky was orange and my eyes burned all the time. Last time I was there, it was remarkably better. Clearly, California’s efforts to reduce noxious gasses is working.

        However, the oil companies say they don’t have to use our formulation (or add ethanol) to reduce emissions. Dianne Feinstein (who’s on my sh*t list these days) has been trying to push to cancel the ethanol mandate and get rid of our special formulation. I’d say you’re right that the remainder of our State pols have been bought out by whatever industry benefits from both requirements.

        Oddly, we in California are the only state that has a ‘special formulation’ for milk…Just another way to protect our dairy industry at a cost to consumers. ;-/

        • Maybe for the following reasons Dianne Feinstein changed her view.

          Corn ethanol does not lower CO2 compared to gas.
          Corn ethanol causes a larger dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico
          Corn ethanol leads to Nitrogen fertilizer polluted ground water
          Corn ethanol leads to polution from pesticides.
          Corn ethanol leads to plowing of grass lands to add corn fields
          Corn ethanol leads to destruction of forest lands to add corn fields
          Corn ethanol is increasing the Ogallala Aquifer Depletion.
          Corn ethanol pollutes the air with formaldehydes and Acetaldehyde.
          Corn ethanol use leads to higher levels of ozone pollution.
          Corn ethanol is often distilled using coal as a heat source.
          Corn ethanol distillers exhaust high levels of VOCs polution.
          Corn ethanol is often corrosive destroying engine components

        • There’s also evidence that pollution has been reduced markedly in the rest of North America as well due to the equipment that’s been mandated on vehicles nationwide. I don’t have a problem with things like catalytic converters or even cleaner formulations of gasoline, but it’s becoming clearer now that maybe the special formulation wasn’t the best way to go about reducing emissions, especially considering the way it endangers the supply chain of what amounts to the lifeblood of our society. I think mass transport would have been a much better way of achieving that end, but while Cali was championing the environmental movement and imposing especially stringent controls on consumers; they continued to subsidize the oil industry and auto industry by building ever-wider and more numerous freeways and virtually no expansion of mass transport options. Mass transport would reduce emissions more than is even physically possible with internal combustion powered cars. And it would also be lower carbon consumption than even electric cars (due to their manufacturing process).

          • I agree. The formulation is invalid, and ethanol was a response to the OPEC embargo back in the 80’s…a means to make us self reliant. We now are the largest producer of oil in the world and have surpassed Saudi Arabia. It’s time to dump both of those.

            Your last comment is a big bugaboo of mine. I don’t understand why we’re dropping Billions to run a high speed train between San Francisco and LA (which is already serviced with Amtrak, Greyhound and Airlines), when we have an awful mass transit system. People need to get back and forth to work. it would reduce freeway crowding, maintenance, reduce pollution, and serve the needs of a State that is too dependent on cars. That money should have gone to a Statewide expansion of the BART system.

    • Now that we know more about ethanol hazards such as increases of ozone caused buy adding ethanol to gasoline ,and high VOC levels in distilling and when using ethanol, and high levels of Acetaldehyde caused by adding ethanol to gasoline we should now move to have ethanol removed from or gasoline just like we did with lead.

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  7. So happy to see CA political decisions causing such pain.
    All actions have consequences, you sodomites!

  8. Cheaper than it was a few years ago and the world didn’t end. Look around CA. I see LOTS of new gas guzzelers and few new highly efficient cars. Money says gas is CHEAP.

    • Not sure where you live in CA, but when I go out I see at least 3 Teslas each time, and a TON of Priuses and other hybrids.

  9. How come when a few years ago wholesale gas prices were dropping fast the oil company’s pulled it off the market for the day after it fell $.25cents but the skies the limit going up

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