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April Fool 2016 Pranks, Quotes, Whatsapp Wishes In Great Demand On Google


April Fool 2016 is today, and it is time to play pranks on your near and dear ones. Pranks played on this day are often taken as a friendly gesture and has been in vogue for ages though it is not clear how the practice has originated.

April Fool 2016, Quotes, Whatsapp Wishes are in Great Demand on Google. The advent of social media has made occasions like April Fools Day, Valentine Day and other such occasions that much more exciting.

There are many theories regarding the origin of April Fool’s Day. Folklore says that the practice was started in 1582 and is related to the Gregorian calendar which was started by Pope Gregory XIII. He declared January 1 as the start of a New Year in place of March which was until then observed as the beginning of the year.

However, his suggestion was not accepted by many, who continued to follow March at the beginning of the year and ignored the Gregorian calendar. They were mocked on the next day which was April 1st.


April fool 2016 pranks

People practice many pranks both good and bad on April’s Fool’s Day and news outlets also too in the past have joined the fun and published fake stories which are very hilarious. However, they do not forget to print in affine line that the story is fictitious and meant for fun.

This year also Yahoo News featured a side-splitting piece that claimed that 497 Trader Joe’s locations would be closing their doors forever.

Check out the hilarious April Fool 2016 pranks here.

According to Yahoo News the company is facing severe financial woes because of burgeoning numbers of online retail outlets and organic food stores leading to stiff completion and falling sales.

The company even tried desperate measures like slashing prices to stay in contention, but there has been no improvement in sales. They are losing a battle against their main competitor –Whole Foods.

The story even mentioned a ‘Quote’ from Trader Joe’s CEO Dan Bane that claimed the chain was betting on cookie butter sales to stay afloat.

On a lighter side and to be fair, April fool’s Day isn’t until Friday, and Yahoo’s story was posted one day early.

Twitter April Fool pranks:

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