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Apple introduces new iPod Touch with A8 chip, 1GB RAM, new Camera


The new sixth generation iPod Touch has finally received features borne by Apple’s most recent iPhones. The upgraded music players have been launched earlier this week appearing in new colors and improved internal components.

The recent teardown of the device has revealed features which were expected by the audience. Nevertheless, it is always a thrilling task to get a sneak peek into Apple’s revised gadgets. The teardown disclosed A8 processor with an M8 coprocessor which are the same as iPhone 6.
With a shiny new model number displaying A1574, the music box bears a 4-inch 1136 x 640 pixels (326 ppi) Multi-Touch IPS Retina display and an 8 mega-pixel, 1080p iSight camera with ƒ/2.4 aperture and 1.2 MP, 720p HD Facetime camera with ƒ/2.2 aperture.

The revised gadget retains the 4-inch form factor of the previous generation, but now comes in four different storage options: 16GB for $199, 32GB for $249, 64GB for $299, and 128GB for $399. Apart from this, it has a six-axis gyro and an accelerometer with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology which is .1 better than the fifth generation.

This sixth generation device has been called ‘the best iPod Touch yet’ by the technology giant. They have been trying to equip the music player with all the features of its new devices so as to get it at par with the attest launches. The iPod Touch had not been updated since October 2012 and this time Apple wanted to use the opportunity wisely by bumping up its speed and upgrading other features.


Although the new iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano will not allow users to listen to tracks downloaded for offline listening from Apple Music in order to curb piracy, it will certainly be possible with the new iPod Touch since Apple will be able to save the music tracks and remove the locally stored songs if the user cancels their subscription. This is possible because the iPod Touch runs on iOS and tracks saved to a non-iOS device can be left on the device after a user cancels their Apple Music subscription.


The colors this new generation bears include gold, in addition to blue, pink, red, silver, and space gray. The new iPod Touch also bears the familiar Lightning port, headphone jack and speaker grille at the bottom but lacks a Touch ID sensor which is featured by the new iPhones. It also has peel-out adhesive tabs securing the battery, an update to battery-securing tech borne by the iPhone 5s. As opposed to the fifth generation, this iPod Touch has 3.83 V, 3.99 Wh battery with a rating of 1043 mAh increasing its battery supply to 40 hours of music r 8 hours of video playback. It bears Apple A8 1GB LPDDR3 RAM which is the same as iPhone 6.

Overall, the improvements to the iPod Touch have been appreciated, and users are looking forward to using the new generation of the iOS entry level device.

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  1. Finally a 128gb iPod touch! Now I won’t have to continuously swap music out, and can have everything I want in one place. Long overdue!

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