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Apple delays TV streaming service till 2016 due to licensing issues


Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is not months, but a year away from introducing its very own Internet-based TV streaming service on the Apple TV. Reports from the internal sources suggested that the Cupertino Giant was previously going to launch it on the exclusive iPhone 6S launch event in September but now has delayed it even further for the next year.

Internal sources who agreed to share the details on condition of anonymity said that the licensing process with the telecom companies is very slow and hence is taking time for the Apple to establish a network for that.

Talking about the term network, the company isn’t yet ready to launch the TV network service as it lacks the hardware and computation power it will require serving millions of users in the US. As of the reports, and what we saw, Apple initially is only going to introduce this service for the citizens of United States only.


Apple Inc had an enormous response for the Apple Music and within few months subscribers already crossed a mark of 11 million, but is suffering from the lag and iTunes outages as users tend to play more and more songs on the Apple Music.

It is without doubt that the company isn’t willing to do the same with Apple streaming TV and probably ready to wait for few more days to make it better. However, if we look at the past events, Apple Inc has certainly done that by releasing unpolished software, Apple Music and much more.

Apart from this, Cupertino giant TV service is going to be a bit more costly than the other streaming services, which is expected to bring in more revenues for the company. This is without a doubt that the users aren’t going to leave their existing plans and go for something that is even costlier than the current one — only a fool could do that. On the other front, Apple TV Streaming Service is going to offer an unmatched service when paired with the company’s set-top box — Only this factor could drive some revenues.


On the brighter side, Apple TV is also getting some new upgrades after a long wait of years. Apple is in rumors to introduce to yet another platform — TV, that would support SIRI, downloading of apps from the App Store and much more. This can attract even more developers to develop apps for the ecosystem and make it even better.

Apple Inc currently has a stock value of 661.3Bn with an 115.96 per piece price.

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