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Workaholics tends to become heavy drinkers


Little fun amidst loads of work can gift you a healthy life. Being a workaholic may help to have a plump wallet but in the long run, it surely affects one’s health in more than one ways.

A recent study has found out, long working hours or maintaining multiple jobs at the same time increases one’s rate of alcohol consumption. Also, too much of alcohol indulgence due to an erratic schedule can make you suffer from serious health conditions like hypertension, arthritis, diabetes and stroke as well.


Even though no direct connection between them has still been established, but these factors together may lead to the breakdown of general health.


This new research concluded that people who work 48 hours a week or more tend to drink more alcohol, reports UPI.

The study includes data of over 330,000 people from 14 different countries including Canada, Germany, and US. At the end of the study, the researcher found that people who indulge into more than average work in the week showed around 11 percent of high probability to get into heavy drinking. If a woman consumes 14 drinks or more per week and a man takes up to 21 drinks or more per week for men, the consumption is regarded as heavy drinking.

As this study analyzed data from 14 countries, this 11 percent gets translated to an impressive number of 2 million people, wrote Cassandra Okechukwu of the Harvard School of Public Health in an editorial for the study.


According to the team, the workplace is the most significant setting to be utilized for prevention of alcohol indulgence, the reason being more than half of the adult population work.

“Further research is needed to assess whether preventive interventions against risky alcohol use could benefit from information on working hours,” Cassandra Okechukwu was quoted saying.

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