Watch Paul George’s 360 dunk against Raptors in the seventh playoff

Three times NBA All-Star Paul George took a 360-degree dunk against Toronto Raptors in Game Seven of the playoffs. The Indiana Pacers star got a breakaway and did what most of the fans never expected, a 360-degree dunk.

Raptors couldn’t keep a good check on the George who grabbed the ball and leapt for a score only to surprise fans with a 360 dunk. This is not the first time we saw George dunk the ball in like he was in a dunk competition. His memorable in-game dunks also include a 360 windmill dunk against LA Clippers.

George scored 12 out of 23 team score in the first quarter of the game but his efforts went in vain as his team lost against Raptors in the seventh game of the playoff and went home after losing the series by 4-3.

Pacers scored 84 points which were not enough to win against Raptors who were ahead of 5 points. Nevertheless, some showmanship was what the Pacers’ fans had to satisfy themselves with.


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