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Volvo announces 2 versions of XC90 SUV, XC90 T6 and XC90 T8 Twin Engine


Volvo made some bold steps when it came to the XC90 luxury SUV. Previously, the vehicle was one that was seen as widely inefficient and something that would leave many other vehicles better options. However, the Scandinavian automaker decided that they were no longer going to be sitting quietly in the background, and added a ton of efficiency to their vehicle, to make it more powerful, give it better gas mileage, and make it more appealing to the average consumer. For those who are interested in the 2016 Volvo XC90, there is a lot to get excited about with update.

The goal of this year’s XC90 was to completely reinvent what was at one time the best luxury SUV in Europe. Since the vehicles birth in 2002, it has seen a long and tumultuous road in getting to where it is today. That being said though, this year’s XC90 did well to change what people had previously thought about the SUV that lost its luxury and lost it’s cutting edge. After all, an SUV of this stature has to do more than just seat seven comfortably.


Under the hood the Volvo XC90 got a solid update. The traditional V6 and V8 options were thrown out, and the automaker went back to the drawing board to make it what it should be. Interestingly, Volvo utilized exclusive technology, like Scalable Product Architecture, to ensure that the SUV would land all of its punches against the competition. Instead of those massive gas-guzzling engines though, Volvo went with smaller, more fuel efficient options.



The XC90 will come in T6 and T8 models, which will become the standard for all Volvo cars that come in this family. Even as a hybrid will be coming in future years, the improved efficiency will mean that drivers will feel completely in tune with an SUV that will deliver in every way imaginable. As we already pointed out, Volvo is doing away with the V6 and V8 options and going with an I4 or inline four-cylinder. The motor will be supercharged, and it will have an output of around 316-horsepower.




This is an impressive figure for a vehicle with such a small engine. However, the improved build will only amplify the power that Volvo is ensuring is inside this vehicle. For example, Volvo is utilizing a greater amount of aluminum to cut down on the overall weight of the SUV. That’s a statement for a vehicle that previously was one of the heaviest in its class. Now though, the 2-liter, four-cylinder engine will have the output that can push an SUV that consumers will want.

The cost is one thing that is still coming in at the high end of the spectrum in terms of luxury SUV’s. While it’s not an outrageous price tag, Volvo believes that at $48,000 this vehicle will move very well here in the United States. Volvo is quick to point out that their latest luxury SUV is, “well-appointed, without compromise, and represents a powerful, forward-looking direction for the brand as it combines Volvo’s new design language, the latest safety and in-car connectivity technologies, and award-winning Drive-E powertrains.” It’s also something, which according to the corporate team, will win in America, and was built on that very foundation.

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  1. The station wagons from the 70s and 80s were lower to the ground, and thus more roadworthy than today’s SUVs. Indeed, the ones that Volvo made were good enough to race on track days. Time to bring the station wagons back. Height does not mean might on the roadway.

    • It’s not even the same type, or class, of vehicle. What makes you think someone that is looking around $45-$50k car, can just up and afford the $80-$85k TMX? Do people that need the spacious third row seating have some magical ability to shrink the needs (or people) that would be taking up that space? haha, these Tesla fanboy people will look to any reason to promote their bias…

      • Well, you’d want to compare the T8 PHEV price with the TMX.. They are both in the ballpark..

  2. The reporter did not do a thorough job and makes erroneous comments. First, my location (Columbia, SC) with 3 Volvo dealers within a 100 mile radius has only one XC90, which starts at $48,000, but is actually configured at $75,000+. If you try to configure this car online, you will be hard pressed to come up with a model under $60-$65K. So this is not priced for the average consumer. Also, for the service I get at the local dealer, I’d rather go with a real luxury car where service people and dealer behave less like used car salesmen and more like classy luxury car dealers.

    • I dont know where that is, here in Virginia BMW service is among the ugliest thing in society I have ever seen and they are blind to anything other than bottom line.
      I use to get new plugs cap rotor tech and dwell set for 38 bucks to charge 2000 bucks to change spark plugs, or make you buy and install 8 coils when not even one is bad because of a miss fire..
      I temp moved to an Apt. and could not work on my car I found the dealer brutal.
      I am back in my own house and can do my own work now and help others next time BMW really starter go on bottom not top.to have to remove fuel rails to get to a starter/consumable part is silly.

  3. One would have thought that the 2010 sale of Volvo to the Chinese would have produced by now a next generation electric drivetrain in the Volvo line up, the new XC90 included, Sadly, the current flurry of hybrid-light introductions and ICE powered efficiency attempts within the SUV/Crossover market segment is comparable to many manufacturers merely re-arranging the deck chairs on the SS Titanic.

    The plug-in version of the XC90 (showcased at recent auto shows isn’t available yet..”as a hybrid will be coming in future years”). Once released, the hybrid-light version of this model will be little more than another example of how some manufacturers are adding a few batteries with a few e-miles range in order to meet California CARB regs. In fact, these attempts at efficiency are little more than recycling old technology at a high price to consumers and the environment. I agree with StanO5, wait for the Tesla Model X, a much better option all around.

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