Video: A Grand Canyon Discovered on Pluto’s Moon

Astronomers from NASA have discovered a super canyon on Charon, Pluto’s largest moon on June 27, 2016. According to experts, this canyon is much deeper and mightier than the grand Canyon in South West America.

Researchers discovered this mysterious structure with the help of New Horizon Spacecraft. The newly found structure has been named Argo Chasma.

It is now believed that this Super Canyon is 430 miles long and 5.5 miles deep. Earth’s grand Canyon is 280 miles long, and it’s depth is just over a mile.

The New Horizon Spacecraft first gave us a glimpse of this canyon when it flew near to Pluto on July 14, 2015. At that moment, New Horizon was just 2,89,000 miles away from Charon.

Now, seven instruments are collecting data from in and around this structure, and it is expected to continue till the coming October.

NASA Spots ‘Super Grand Canyon’ On Pluto’s Moon:

The date sent is expected to pave light to the formation of the dwarf planet and its largest moon.

Charon’s canyon could also have cliff faces, and they are expected to be much taller than the ones present in the surface of Miranda, Uranus’ moon. The Space Agency added that cliffs in Charon could be solar system’s largest ones, and chances of structures taller than these are very unlikely.

Jeff Moore, one of the research scientist involved in the study told that due to its low gravity, walls of this Canyon will be very deep beyond our imagination. He added that the rate of craters hitting the surface of Pluto and its moon is comparitively less than the remaining solar system which makes the canyon walls undisturbed due to crater hitting.


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