Home Business Valentine Day Deals: Starbucks offers three chocolate drinks

Valentine Day Deals: Starbucks offers three chocolate drinks

Valentine Day

In the run up to Valentine Day – February 14th – coffee chain Starbucks will be offering three new drinks for loved-up customers. These limited edition coffees have been christened by Starbucks “the Molten Chocolate Trio.” All three drinks are topped off with espresso-infused whipped cream and an espresso mocha-flavoured drizzle. 

The “Molten Chocolate Frappuccino” features a rich chocolate sauce and chocolate chips blended with milk and ice. The “Molten Hot Chocolate” comes with a more bitter mocha sauce, and this time, the chocolate chips are melted into steamed milk.

Finally, the “Molten Chocolate Latte” has the usual chocolate chips melted into espresso, then combined with the bittersweet mocha sauce. 

A press release from Starbucks on Monday invited customers to “get together” and share with loved ones their three brand new creations. 


Starbucks say the drinks will be available from 8-14 February in “participating” outlets in the USA and Canada – so no good if you’re outside North America. 

Not content with the chocolate-drenched offerings, the coffee giant, will also be offering a so-called “Gif Giver” – which allows customers to send and share Valentine’s images with each other. 

Along with a Valentine’s playlist – released in conjunction with music streaming service Spotify – Starbucks will also have for retail a range of seasonal gifts. Mugs and tumblers with messages will be available in store and online.

The New York Times reported in January that Starbucks reported strong sales in the United States – but had fallen short of Wall Street expectations. Growth abroad, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, had slowed from 5% to 1% in the previous quarter.

Last Christmas, Starbucks opted for a much simpler coffee cup design than past years, provoking much debate and controversy on social media. Where before the durable design had featured snowflakes, snowmen and other Christmas images, last year’s was simpler – a single red background with only the company’s logo for decoration.

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