Understanding Face Creams – A guide to choosing the best Face Cream for you


It is common knowledge that hydration is the most essential and pivotal step in skin care. With the growing knowledge and inclusion of skin care in everyone’s routine, it is vital to note a good face cream’s role on your skin. There isn’t a single skin care routine that doesn’t include a moisturiser. But with the variety available in them, such as gels, day creams, creams with SPF, moisturiser, lotion, SPF, etc., one needs to distinguish between them and choose the ones meant for their skin types.

Moisturisers can be water-based moisturisers, which are lightweight and oil-based, having a creamier texture for dry skin. Essentially, with the evolution of moisturisers now tailored made for each skin type, one can pick from the three main types of moisturisers:

Humectants moisturisers

These creams have water as their base. Any cream which mentions its first ingredients like water or aqua is part of this category. These types absorb into skin and lock in moisture. They are on the thinner side of the texture and have a lightweight formula. It instantly absorbs into skin, which works great for oily skin types.


It is better not to use heavy cream if you have very oily skin as it might clog pores. However, it can be used by normal and combination skin types, especially in the summers, all credits to its lightness. For these moisturisers, look for the word hydrator or ones that say water based on their labels.

Emollient moisturisers

These are thicker, cream-based moisturisers targeted for ones with dry skin. These are rich and creamier in texture which helps seep into the skin and repair the skin cells. They fill in cracks and make sure to lock in moisture. They also help create a protective barrier and smooth out the skin. They are suitable for ageing skins with fine lines or wrinkles. To pick an emollient moisturiser, look for ingredients like cocoa butter or shea butter or oils such as olive oil, oatmeal in them. They are great nourishing agents which make for an excellent emollient moisturiser.

Occlusive moisturisers

These moisturisers provide maximum hydration and deep nourishment. Their primary function is to trap moisture with their thick texture and ingredients. To find occlusive moisturisers look for ingredients such as avocado oil, lanolin and rosehip oil. It is ideal for those suffering from extra dry skin or inflammation while pairing it with a humectant to treat it. They work to hydrate dried-out skin and repair damaged skin too.

These were the essential distinguishable points for a face cream according to its hydrating levels. In addition, there are moisturisers focused on solving particular or multiple skin problems while also hydrating.

Types of face creams for skin problems

Various face creams have now evolved to be multipurpose and aid different skin problems. They essentially hydrate while also tackling common skin woes.

Anti-ageing Face Creams

These face creams can help reduce early signs of ageing, usually sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, pigmentation and age spots. Face creams with anti-ageing properties not only combat these woes but also helps smoothen the skin and brighten up the appearance of the face. Make sure to exfoliate the dead upper layer of skin cells, encouraging the formation of new cells. In addition, they have properties that increase collagen production in the skin, making the skin firmer. They contain ingredients such as alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxy acids.

Skin protecting Face Creams

The most harmful parasite for your skin would be the sun rays. The UVA and UVB rays can do more damage than can be imagined. That is because they break down your skin’s protective barriers and, in turn, aid early signs of ageing like sun spots, wrinkles etc. Thus the creation of facial creams with sun protectants is God sent.

Make sure to pick a face cream with more than SPF 15 to help protect your skin. Make sure to wear sun protectants throughout the year, including the winters. The sun rays are damaging all year round. Although layering sunscreen on multiple products can get greasy. Therefore a face cream with SPF is a good option.

Hydrating Face Creams

The main objective of moisturisers is hydration. Therefore, it’s imperative to pick a good face cream that balances the skin’s natural hydration levels. That hydrates and makes sure the upper dermis has enough moisture locked. Oily skin or combination skin should pick water-based moisturisers and dry skin cream based.

With the constant inventions of newer kinds of face creams, various makeup products also have hydrating properties. One such is the Lakme CC Cream which is a blend of a foundation and moisturiser. Making sure to pick the correct face cream for your skin type will remarkably enhance your skin complexion and skin texture. You would notice the difference it makes almost instantaneously, so definitely tries it!

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