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Twitter launches Audio Cards in partnership with iTunes and SoundCloud


If you are a Twitter user and a music lover, this news will surely excite you. A new feature added to the micro-blogging site will now allow you to listen to your favorite music or any other audio instantly just by clicking on tweets. To make this new facility available to users, Twitter has joined hands with Apple’s iTunes Store and SoundCloud.

The new feature has been named Audio Card and will provide users with live audio streaming straight from their Twitter app. You will get to use Audio Card both on iOS and Android devices.


When listening to music via Twitter, you will find the album art displayed in full-screen mode. If you want to continue reading through Twitter when the music is still on, you can surely minimize the album art screen. To put it more bluntly, with these cards, you will be able to browse through different Twitter accounts and complete jobs like tweeting and re-tweeting while listening to music.


Initially, Audio Card was offered to about 60 users on Twitter. Some of the most prominent names on that list are David Guetta (@davidguetta), Zeds Dead (@whoszed), NASA (@nasa), The White House (@whitehouse) and so on. @TwitterMusic will be preparing the next list of members who will be given the chance of experiencing Audio Card.

Audio Card’s launch was lead by rock band Foo Fighters, who announced the official release of their newest single by tweeting. The song can be downloaded from iTunes Store, and fans will also be able to listen to it just by clicking on the link on Foo Fighters’ Twitter message.


Right now song offerings on iTunes are not that vast, but SoundCloud boasts a collection that will provide music buffs with a much wider variety. The only problem with SoundCloud is that it leaves users at risk of copyright infringement. The combination of both services will, however, offer a real treat to Twitter users.


Twitter, in a recent blog post, said that they have just started to test the new feature with the aim of making it accessible to more creators and partners in the near future. The micro-blogging site is hoping that the feature will allow many more creators and artists to share exclusive live audio with hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitter; only time can tell whether that will actually happen or not.

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