Toyota looking to recall 1,880 Lexus cars in China

Toyota recalls lexus in china

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation is all set to recall as many as 1,880 Lexus cars in China. When announcing the news, China’s quality control administrator cited possible fuel leakage as the reason behind Toyota’s decision.

According to information provided by the General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine, an administrative body running under China’s State Council, the company will begin the recall process from November 14. The list of Lexus vehicles to be recalled includes units manufactured between July 3, 2007 and July 12, 2010.


To further explain the events leading to the recall, the quality supervisor has even issued a statement. According to the statement, Toyota has ordered the recall after an inspection carried out on Lexus cars manufactured during the period mentioned above found that their engine oil pipeline might cause fuel leakage, which may eventually trigger accidents.

However, it’s not known whether fuel leakage in Lexus cars has actually caused any accident in the past.

Toyota said that it will be replacing pipeline gaskets of all the recalled cars, and that will eliminate the detected safety risks.

This is not the first time Toyota is recalling its vehicles in China. Last April, we saw the Japanese automaker in partnership with its joint venture firm in China recalling around 62,000 cars in the country. Toyota was forced to recall so many vehicles due to problems with spiral cables attached to the vehicles’ air bags.

The 62,000 vehicles recalled in April include 47,636 REIZ cars, 13,752 Highlanders, and 71 imported Highlanders.

Toyota’s recalling process is underway not only in China. This year, due to various problems faced by users and a range defects detected by inspectors, Toyota will be recalling as many as 6.4 million cars worldwide. The list of vehicles to be recalled includes a total of 27 models. The majority of the vehicles Toyota has decided to recall have defects in their airbags, seats, wheels and engines.

Statistics suggest that this year’s recall is the second biggest the company has had since late 2012. Some of the cars the company is looking to recall are best sellers. For instance, cars like the RAV 4 SUV, Corolla, and Camry has allowed Toyota will make big profits and are still favourites of buyers. Lexus cars also enjoy a lot of popularity globally. Thus, it can be said that Toyota has decided to call back its cars just to make sure that users have the best possible experience.

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