Time journalist “choke-slammed” by security at Trump rally

A photojournalist for Time magazine was choked and hurled to the ground by security in a violent incident at a rally for Donald Trump. Chris Morris, a photographer for the well-known publication, appears in the video to be caught by the throat and then thrown backwards towards the ground by the agent from the Secret Service.

The Trump rally took place on Monday in Radford in the state of Virginia and was punctuated by protests by the Black Lives Matter movement. Veteran journalist Chris Morris has been a photographer for Time since 1990.

At the time of the crash, witnesses say Morris was trying to get a better view of some protesting African-American students.

Several videos of the incident have emerged. It appears in one that Mr Morris steps outside the designated pen for the assembled press. An exchange of words can be observed between Morris and the agent before the throat grasps the photographer and – in his words – “slammed” towards the ground.

Another footage captured appears to show Mr Morris’s hands around the agent’s neck after emerging from the ground. Morris reported he did this only to show what the agent had done to him, but the photographer was subsequently arrested and detained anyway.

Morris told NBC News that he had stepped only “18 inches” out of the press area before he was “grabbed” and “choked” by the security detail. He denies allegations that he had punched the agent.

Time magazine reportedly contacted the Service to express concern over the incident, and the treatment of their representative.

A response from the Secret Service – whose agent was involved in the altercation – states they are working to determine the “exact circumstances” in the lead up to the incident.

The Trump campaign have declined to comment saying only they would leave matters to be resolved by “local law enforcement.”

An update on the Time website now reads, “We are relieved Chris is feeling OK.”


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