The Cannabis Indica Plant – A Guide to know your plant type

There is a whole world out there when it comes to cannabis plants, and it is easy to get muddled up, or wonder what on earth all these names and compounds mean. This guide has been created to help those who are interested in growing their own plants navigate what plants are used for what, and what the individual plants offer. Both plants are part of the cannabis family but offer very different benefits, and the laws regarding them, and what they can be used for varies as well, which is why it is essential to know the distinction between the plants.

What Is the Difference Between Sativa and Indica Plants?


The Sativa plant’s appearance is tall and thin, sporting narrow leaves. Often with a slight green hue, Sativa plants are distinctly recognizable when placed next to the Indica plant.

The Sativa plant is the slower grower out of the two, taking a long time to mature and also has a more delicate temperament, such as needing more light than its counterpart – the Indica.

What makes Sativa unique is its composition, offering higher levels of THC and much lower levels of CBD. This distinction is essential when it comes to laws and varying effects!


Indica is a short bushy plant, with wide-set leaves – a striking contrast to its Sativa counterpart.

Indica typically grows quickly and steadily, will much less demand for specific growing conditions, boasting to be the ‘tougher’ plant of the two.

The Indica plant traditionally offers a much higher content of CBD and lower levels of THC, which has different effects on the body than the Sativa plant does.

 “CBD and THC do two very different things to the body.”

What is the Difference Between CBD and THC?

There is one significant difference between CBD and THC, and that is THC is a psychoactive compound. This means it alters the brain’s state and can change bodily responses such as reaction time, appetite, and the need for sleep.

CBD, however, is non-psychoactive, which means it is the preferred plant to use throughout the day without any adverse effects.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Indica Plant?

The Indica plant offers some brilliant qualities, such as having an anti-anxiety effect and helping to elevate mood. It can also allow an increase in focus and prides itself on being part of treatment for pain issues. These are all commonly reported effects of high levels of CBD.

An essential part of getting the benefits of Indica is to use a quality plant, and also get the best value for money! CBD hemp seeds are an excellent way to begin growing a high CBD low THC plant, to ensure excellent quality.

The Indica plant, lower in THC offers many more relaxing effects, rather than invigorating. This plant could help with muscle relaxation, sleep issues, and increase appetite.

The Indica plant is the most common plant when creating cannabis-based medicines, and offers more of an overall relaxing influence on the body.


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