The Best Reasons Why Fleets Are Considering Cameras for Tow Trucks

The biggest challenges right now in fleet companies are risks during operations and high costs. This is one of the industries where risks are directly involved daily. Drivers, passengers, and cargo are at risk of accidents, theft, wasting time on busy roads, and a lot more.

Let’s specifically talk about tow trucks for a minute. These are vehicles that are on call for service to tow other vehicles that develop problems on the road or get involved in accidents.

The installation of cameras for tow trucks has many benefits for fleet owners, vehicle owners, and drivers. According to insights from fleet management professionals, there are many reasons for fleet companies to consider cameras for tow trucks. Here are some.

Cameras for Tow Trucks to Mitigate Risks

As mentioned, fleet businesses are surrounded by risks. A tow truck business is even at more risk. Cameras such as dashcams, cabin cams, backup cameras, and 360-degree cameras are a game changer in this business. They have been found to mitigate risks in many ways.

Dashboard cameras record what is happening on the road, and the footage is usually accessed by the fleet managers remotely. So, how does this mitigate risks? It is easy to tell where the tow truck is at any one time since these cameras have a GPS tracker. Likewise, cabin cameras allow the fleet managers to see what is happening inside the cabin, especially to monitor driver behavior and ensure it is in line with official policy, which reduces risk.

Backup, side-view, and 360-degree cameras help drivers to avoid accidents especially when towing other vehicles. Therefore, the risks when driving are greatly reduced. Furthermore, some of these cameras can record events for reference to know what caused accidents.

The good thing is that all these cameras are readily available for purchase at the Eyeride LLC online shop or from any other reliable fleet solutions provider.

Cameras for Tow Trucks for Reference

Modern cameras for tow trucks are advanced and can do a lot of great things. First, they transmit footage in real time to a remote location for managers and supervisors to have access at all times. They refer to this whenever they want to understand an occurrence, check for delays, and even when completing claims with the insurance company. Police can use the footage from cameras for tow trucks during an investigation or pursue carjackers.

Cameras for Tow Trucks to Build a Reputation

Clients feel more content and satisfied with a towing company that has more eyes on their services. The cameras for tow trucks even allow vehicle owners to monitor the process of handling their vehicles, which is something that builds a good reputation for a towing company.

These cameras for tow trucks come in handy when a customer claims that their vehicle was damaged during towing. Both parties can view the footage together to find solutions to the claim. This is what reputable companies aim to achieve anyway.


Using cameras for tow trucks has benefits to all fleet business stakeholders as you can see. Therefore, there is a good reason for any business to install them in their business. So, if you have started or are planning to start a towing business, do not hesitate to consider cameras for tow trucks.