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Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk sends Model S owners email introducing $1000 gift program


One of the most innovative car company, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA), has thrown a new program much like a referral scheme offering benefits up to $1000 for each referrer and the one who got referred. This came right after the results of Jefferies Survey that said the 85% of Tesla owners are willing to suggest Tesla S model to their friends and are also going to have their next vehicle from this Elon Musk’s car company only.

Elon Musk soon had an idea of introducing a new program from Tesla Motors which will gift a $1000 credit on a new referred purchase, and a $1000 to the referrer to buy the services and the parts for the Tesla car.

Buying a car now with someone have you referred is more beneficial than getting it ordered yourself. It is first of a kind offer from the Tesla, and people are going to get their friends and relatives drive this car. If not talked about the $1000 credit given to both, Tesla Model S is still an excellent choice for the class of electric vehicles. With fantastic features, speed more than the one that runs on petrol, exotic features and the “Drive-You-Crazy” S-button for the sports mode.

Tesla Motors CEO has also sent an email to the owners with a subject Gift certificate for a Tesla Model S. The program is going to expire on the 31st October this year.


Elon Musk said that having a car at $536/month is relatively costly, but when compared it with the solutions it provides – Tesla S model got no match in this world.

It is a combination of best of both the worlds. On one front it is highly secure, connected and super eco-friendly, the other part tells us how fast this car is. Let’s settle on this, the S-Mode just blows our mind.

This offer becomes even more useful with the latest innovation that surfaced out of the Tesla labs. A self-plugging charging snake that automatically charges the car whenever it enters the garage or say near to the station. A snake shaped architecture was shown in a video explaining its working.


Apart from that, Tesla Motors is also betting its money on developing an automated fleet of self-driving cars. Even though Elon Musk didn’t shed a word on this, the silence could indicate what’s coming in the future.

Tesla also has this amazing battery technology – flatbed battery technology – which helps the battery to have maximum coverage in the car’s body.

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