Tesla Model 3 – 4 Things you Don’t know about this electric car

Los Angeles, California- Tesla’s model 3 has all the potential to change the norms of the automotive industry.

The $35000 EV (electric vehicle) is all set to be launched in 2017. And with approx. 2,76,000 pre-orders within 2 days of the launch event, fuel-based car industry giants might just need to revamp their policies.

Not just eco-friendly, it will thrill its drivers by zipping past 60 miles/hr. from standstill within 6 seconds. With an improved range of 215 miles per charge, model 3 seems like a benchmark establishing machine.

31st March event probably unveiled quite a few details but that was just the tip of Iceberg. The product holds some really interesting features which we are going to reveal in here-

1. 3 different options for choosing the roof of the car i.e. Metal roof, panoramic glass or the fixed glass.

2. From the outside, they seem familiar, however, the interior door handles have a different story. Model 3 prototypes showcased buttons embedded in the door handles instead of conventional levers for opening the doors. We hope this stays in the final product as well.

3. Taking a careful look at the launch event video, it has been noticed that model 3 might use ‘8 length wise arranged battery modules’ (Model S & X use 14). Just shows exalted use of batteries and their capacity.

4. Operating without any mechanical set-up, the prominent 15inch in-built screen is going to have a horizontal layout so that it is easily operable and viewable by the passenger as well. This was exclusively reported by Doug Field, VP Engineering at Tesla.

The core-team at Tesla Motors Inc. is maintaining that the final model scheduled to be delivered by end of 2017 will have minor improvement and changes compared to the prototypes.

This is only justified because the company is planning to match the production capacity of other automotive giants and wants to deliver the best possible product for the masses.