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Telugu Movie ‘Antham’ Is a Boring Thriller


Nobody would have noticed Antham’s release if Rashmi Gautham is not a part of this flick. It is just due to the hyped teaser and trailer filled with the stunning beauty’s skin show which compelled audiences to enter the theatres on July 07, 2016.

But what this movie offered is two hours of boredom to the viewers, and it has been confirmed that this outing will not fetch anything big from the Tollywood box-office.

The movie showcases the life of Kalyan and Vanitha, a happily working couples who live in Hyderabad. On one unfortunate day, the young man leaves his wife in the home and goes to Vijayawada to cast his vote.

While returning, another guy joins him, and this turns his life upside down. He soon receives a call from an unknown person stating that his wife has been kidnapped, and to make her safe, he is compelled to do complete a deadly mission.


The basic plot of the flick is similar to Hollywood flicks like “13 Sins” and “The Phone Booth”, but this venture directed by Kalyan is a total waste of time and money.

The filmmaker was totally clueless on what he is doing, and from the beginning to the end, he tried his best to pull the spectators to a state of boredom.

The makers of this feature can be considered as shrewd businessmen. Some months back, they released the trailer in a very clever manner, and it was completely filled with Rashmi’s glamour scenes. But when we saw the movie, the seducing scenes were limited to a single song, and the remaining portions were crafted in a very dull manner.

The screenplay is written in a pathetic way, and there is not even a second in which the movie evokes a state of interest in the minds of viewers.

It will be sheer foolishness if we expect a seven-day box-office run for this project. It will surely say Adios to the screens within the next two or three days.

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