Starbucks ‘Cheating’ Customers By Underfilling Lattes: Lawsuit filed

A lawsuit was filed by two residents of California, one from San Diego and other from San Francisco against Starbucks, which makes the claim that he company underfills lattes so that money can be saved on milk. This report was published on March 19, 2016.

As per the lawsuit, it is claimed that purchasers are ‘cheated’ by the company as fewer fluid ounces are provided in their Lattes and are uniformly underfilled by around 25 percent.

Apart from this, the suit alleges that the serving cups that are used for Vente, Grande, and Tall sizes are very small and don’t accommodate the fluid ounces that are listed on the menu.

For instance, the serving cup which is specially used for Grande beverage holds 16 fluid ounces, when it is filled. However, as per the standardized recipe for Grande Latte, the serving cup is filled 1.4 inches below cup rim. Thus, when it comes to standardized recipes, the cups don’t permit 12 ounces, 16 ounces or 20 ounces lattes.

The lawsuit claims that the company is unfilling the lattes for saving the cost of milk, which it believes is the most expensive ingredient.

The plaintiffs are seeking nationwide class-action status. In an email, a spokesperson from Starbucks told that they are aware of the claims made by the plaintiffs and believe to be without merit. They are proud to serve customers with customized, handcrafted and high-quality beverages.

Owing to hand-prepared beverages the likelihood of variations is increased and they are listed in the nutrition section of the website.

Often customers tell them how the beverages must be prepared. Thus, the volumes are highly collaborative.  In case the customer isn’t happy with the preparation, then the beverage is remade to ensure satisfaction.



  1. Personally I do not drink coffee from Starbucks, They use very low quality beans, which they concealing by excessive amounts of sugar and milk, but that is beside the point. What really blows my mind is that it is still not enough for them. The cost of Starbucks coffee is about 2 cents per cup. They charge what $3 or something. As I said I had Starbucks coffee only once. I took a sip and threw the rest into the garbage. And with all that they under fill cups ? Absolutely amazing.


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