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SpaceX Falcon9 landing flash based game going viral & it is tough


Getting people to Mars and building a Martian colony has now become a lot adventurous and interesting with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. A perfect game for space geeks, SpaceX has been working to make its flagship Falcon Rocket reusable. The cost of flight needs to brought down and that is achieved by averting the fuel and engine loss after every launch.

If this (called as the first stage) step is done successfully, the user is able to bring down the cost of a flight by tens of millions of dollars.


Perceiving this first stage as a crafty and skillful act, Musk has been attempting to try the landing in ocean on drone ship. Good news? The company has been very close to success in both the attempts.


The web-based game ‘SpaceX Falconm9’ is difficult game and would require mammoth efforts to succeed. It would be an exaggeration to see it as hard as the landing of real spaceship but for gamers it will take time to master it. SpaceX Falcon has been created with software born out of MIT Media Lab. The users can still thank the creators for the fact that each explosion does not cost you $60 million.

The tools at disposal are not numerous in count but are certainly crucial in their role. Arrow keys are the only ones to be used or the WASD keys. Up key for kicks on the main thruster while left and right keys will enable the aiming for the drone ship.

The landing itself is a tricky and sort of explosive task and added to this is the fact that the users do not have unlimited fuel and the task of landing is escalated in difficulty by the limit set on fuel.

This 8 bit style game is a perfect challenge for gamers and space geeks who would love to have a knock with the space challenge set by Falcon 9. You have a Martian colony to build and it won’t be a cake walk but it is worth taking a try.

Go ahead and try it.

VIAThe Verge
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