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Sony to beat iPhone 6 thinness with Ultra HD 4K TVs


After Apple, the Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony also seems to have plans to make its electronics lighter and slimmer. This summer, the company will be launching its Ultra HD 4K TV (or UHD TV) whose slimmest point will have a thickness of just 0.2 inches; this makes the new Sony TVs slimmer even than an iPhone 6.

Sony will be launching two models of its UHD TVs, X900C and X910C. The X900C will be available in two screen sizes, 65 inches and 55 inches. The X910C will, however, be made available in just one screen size of 75 inches.

One of the most prominent features of the two UHD TV models from the house of Sony is their screen, which is virtually bezel-less. The picture on these TV sets run almost edge-to-edge and thus provides users with an extraordinary viewing experience.



It’s true that the bezel of these Sony creations are not as slim as the ones found in Samsung TVs; however, they are definitely much thinner than what we see in the Japanese company’s old heavy-bezeled monolithic television sets.

These new Sony TVs will come with absolutely thin top halves; however, their bottom halves are significantly thick. This is probably because the lower half of the TVs has the USB and HDMI ports embedded in them.

In spite of making the lower half of the TVs thicker, Sony is confident that they will mount much closer to the walls and thereby enhance the appearance of the users’ living rooms significantly.


The picture quality presented by the TVs is really stunning; they will offer a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. In addition, the new Sony TVs will boast a greater brightness range and a more extensive range of displayable colors; the company has made this possible by incorporating a new X1 processor into its products. The processor also plays a big role in up-scaling HD content to a resolution of 4K.

Both X900C and X910C come with Android TV by Google. This means users will get complete access to services like Google Play, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc. These new television sets from Sony also support Google Cast, which will allow users to beam necessary content from computers, smartphones and tablets seamlessly.

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