Sony PlayStation Vita and portables slowly becoming obsolete

Sony is now unlikely to produce any more dedicated handheld PlayStation Vita for the users. If you were expecting a portable PlayStation in an era where the smartphones are just getting powerful every other day and have stores offering graphic intense games better than those available for the Vita and other gaming consoles, then you are wrong. Sony isn’t going to introduce a successor of the Vita.

The market is slowly closing the doors on the Vita, and there isn’t much left for the company to target in this sector. Apparently, the invasion by the gigantic smartphones or phablets has made the portables go back to the place from they came from. Everything has its end, and PS Vita and others are slowly going to close their production.

Talking at the EGX, SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said that the market for the dedicated portables isn’t very healthy, and the powerful smartphones with advanced games available for free on the app store make them stand a very good chance against the portables.

Gone are days when the battery operated phones were nothing but a device to play music, receive calls and messages, and do some casual gaming on Java based games. Not many 3D games were available at that time, and now things have changed drastically.

“We worked really hard on designing every aspect. Touch-based games are fun. There are many games with a really good design. But having sticks and buttons make things totally different,” said Yoshida. “So I hope, like many of you, that this culture of playing portable games continues but the climate is not healthy for now because of the huge dominance of mobile gaming.”

Yoshida is right, there is apparently no exchange for playing games with physical buttons and hardware sticks, however, portability matters and carrying a device just for the sake of gaming isn’t very feasible in a world where everything is happening on the mobile devices.

PlayStation Vita 2 isn’t coming, and there are least chances of it landing in the market.