‘Snowden’ Official Trailer Released – Watch Video

A biographical movie based on the life based on Edward Snowden is getting ready for release, and is being named “Snowden“. The official trailer for this film got released on April 27, 2016, receiving positive responses from all corners.

Edward Snowden, widely considered as one of the most influential personalities in modern politics, even though he is living in a Russian asylum. The acts of this ex-CIA employee who revealed some shocking United States Government secrets in front of the world is considered as a threat to National security by the authorities.

Oliver Stone is directing this anticipated film, and it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role of the young Federal Government contractor. Supporting star cast in the movie includes Shailene Woodley, Melissa Leo, Zachary Quinto, Scott Eastwood and Timothy Olyphant.

The filmmaker has huge expectations regarding this new film, as he has spent enough time with Kieran Fitzgerald to write the script of this flick.

Watch trailer video:

The two-minute thirty-nine-second video which is released clearly indicates that this upcoming film will be a finely crafted heist thriller.

The trailer shows Snowden in his military career in the initial moments and narrates his journey which exposes some of the unknown secrets handled by the Federal Government.

There are various reasons which compel us to watch this upcoming project First Day First Show. Oliver Stone has made classy political thrillers in the past and the list includes the much acclaimed, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”.

The director will be aiming to show unknown things about Edward, as most of the people are well aware of the young man’s history.

“The Fifth Estate” which portrayed the story of Julian Assange bombed in Box Office, and this bitter fact might have made Stone more vigilante while making the flick.

“Snowden” is expected to reach the theaters on September 16, 2016.