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Samsung is late to the 60 GHz Wi-Fi or WiGig party


Samsung’s announcement caused a lot of confusion today. As you read around the internet, you’ll find varying reports about Samsung having created something groundbreaking in the internet, data, and Wi-Fi communities.

The announcement said that Samsung had developed 60GHz Wi-Fi technology that would provide speeds all the way up to 4.6Gbps. However, it should be remembered that Samsung isn’t in the wireless router industry, nor did they actually invent 60GHz Wi-Fi.


In fact, that Wi-Fi has been around for a while. This high-speed Wi-Fi is known as WiGig, and is a beefed up networking standard. Its actual name is 802.11ad and it’s been around for a few years.


Really, all this is, is a wireless networking standard that takes advantage of the 60GHz frequency, and is actually for devices within a network – not particularly a network itself. So, that being said, the buzz that is being created around Samsung’s latest “development” might be a little overzealous, at least to start.

Basically, think of your devices, and then imagine putting all of your devices on an island of WiGig. That’s the basic premise behind the wireless networking standard. Ultimately, the improvements are going to be best for improving video quality, and data exchanges between devices that are already working together.

In short: Leave the island, and you lose the speed.

It’s this discretion between “dedicated” and clearly undedicated – which Samsung’s product will most likely be “dedicated” exclusively to their devices, rather than something that will be installed on your routers, networks, etc. Samsung is fully immersed in the business of objects. Meaning, they focus on products and don’t do as much on the intellectual side of the ball.


So, Samsung making consumers, and the internet believe that they created something unique, or something new – is really just the company trying to create buzz. WiGig is something that has been around for a very long time now, and something that has been getting expanded on regularly to make it more widespread, but as Samsung advertised it – WiGig is not what it appears to be.


It will be interesting to see where Samsung goes next in terms of marketing, or talking about the product that they’re describing, or trying to discretely sell as unique or new, when the internet, and consumers begin to realize that it is not.

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