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Samsung Group unveils Gear S smartwatch before Apple iWatch


Samsung is no stranger when you talk about wearable technology, smartwatches to be more precise. And while the demand for it has not really been as explosive compared to mobile phones and tablets, the recent push made by Motorola, LG and possibly Apple could signal a new dawn in technology breakthroughs.

For their part, Samsung unveils its fourth major smartwatch offering with the Samsung Gear S, a wearable device which practically functions in the same way as most mobile phones and tablets do. The Gear S will feature a screen that measures about 2 inches (diagonally), larger than the previous Samsung watches.

This includes its ability to connect to 3G networks which provides it with easy integration with social media apps and networks, mapping data and most important of which is to receive and make calls.



The Gear S will run on a new kind of operating system known as Tizen rather than the usual Android OS which most devices run on. The Gear S was unveiled together with a headset known as Gear Circle.


So now with a slew of wearable devices in the market, are we seeing the entry of wearable technology which has so far been lacking in hype? Well, the good news is that you have multiple (and reliable) brands to choose from, Apple of which has kept most of us guessing. All that of course will be put to rest on September 9 during their scheduled media event, something that many are guessing was set to launch the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the iWatch, although pricing concerns may somehow sway consumers to check out what LG, Motorola and Samsung have on their tech roster.

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