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Rudolf Moos States ‘Occasional Drinking Habits Is No Longer Good For Health’


You’re a light-to-moderate drinker who enjoys the occasional cocktail or wine with dinner and only pours a few additional glasses of liquid refreshment at weekend social occasions. Rudolf Moos believe that most people usually measure an average over a week.

According to new research, binge drinkers are five times more likely to have numerous drinking problems.

In a statement, Rudolf Moos, professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine, said, “Many drinkers incorrectly believe that a moderate average amount of intake is safe, regardless of drinking pattern.”

Moos is a coauthor of a recent study that discovered that many moderate drinkers over 30 binge. In an email, study coauthor Charles Holahan, professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, said that binge drinkers were about five times more likely to have multiple alcohol problems, such as “getting hurt, emotional or psychological problems from alcohol, having to use more alcohol to get the same effect, and experiencing effects of alcohol at work, school, or caring for children.”


“What this means is that, even if their typical drinking level is the same, an individual who consumes seven drinks on Saturday night has a higher risk profile than someone who consumes a daily drink with dinner,” Holahan explained.

Binge Drinking In Adults

According to CNN, Most previous binge drinking research has concentrated on the younger population, primarily teenagers and college students. This demographic is notorious for downing many beers in one sitting. However, studies reveal that many adults over 30 binge drink and the problem is on the rise, particularly among women and those over the age of 65.
However, binge drinking happens among adults who drink at a moderate average level; it may evade “public health attention,” according to Holahan. “Binge drinking among moderate drinkers is currently mostly undiscovered in primary care settings,” says the study.

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