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Rihanna And Leonardo DiCaprio spotted Cosying at Coachella


Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio Reunite & Party at Coachella and the proof is the pictures. Both were spotted cozying up together at Coachella partying the night away.

We are just friends! Of course, that will be the standard phrase which will be belted out by both if confronted. However, the mills are rolling with rumors of romance when both were spotted at Coachella on Saturday. Nothing could hide the flirtatious exchange between the Oscar winner and the R&B singer.

Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio were photographed earlier at the Neon Festival where the two stars were trying to mingle with the crowd. Rihanna wore a pair of sparkly sunglasses, and Leonardo DiCaprio sported aviators with a baseball hat.

The “Work” singer came through the back entrance and joined the “Revenant actor”.  The actor was in great spirits and was whispering something into Rihana’s ears. Some said the actor was in fact kissing the lady.


After many close calls, dozens of critically-acclaimed films and hundreds of nominations, the actor who gained fame with his performance in Titanic, finally took home his first Oscar for his brilliant performance in “The Revenant.”

Rumors that the two stars have been romantically involved had dominated the tabloid fodder since last year. First, a picture of the two lovebirds smooching in a Paris nightclub went viral in January. A month later the two lovebirds were reported spending Valentine’s weekend together in the Big Apple.

The two denied rumors of a romance last year and said nothing was going on between them. But  Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna are only adding to the speculation with their rendezvous together at Coachella festival after party Neon Carnival on Saturday night.

“The Revenant” star had recently split from model Kelly Rohrbach was last seen with Rihanna when he helped her celebrate her 27th birthday on February 20 last year.

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